What have Governors done this year?

 The Chair of the Governing Body, David Borland, writes:

This has been a challenging and unprecedented year which has required meticulous planning because of Covid-19 with the emphasis on taking care of the children and staff and staying safe as the key priority.
As a result, some of our usual activities have been curtained for example attending training courses, school visits, postponement of our Standards and Effectiveness Committee due to a lack of data and delay in pupil assessments.
Governors deeply appreciate the contribution by all staff who under Mr Blackburn’s leadership have come together and demonstrated their total commitment to their pupil’s education and safety. So far, the school has navigated through the Covid-19 restrictions with great distinction and merit and although we are not yet “out of the woods” can assure all parents that there will be no complacency as we move into the Spring Term.

Work the Governing Body has undertaken this year (2020) includes:

• Continuing to support a clear school vision based on Proverbs Chap 22 v 6. It is responsible in conjunction with the Headteacher for setting the culture and ethos to ensure that this is an inclusive school providing equality of opportunity for all its pupils and staff.

• In these unprecedented times provide assistance and guidance where required in dealing with Covid-19 issues.

• Awareness of the importance of personal wellbeing for staff and children and mental health care.

• Continue to hold the Senior Leadership Team to account for educational performance and for staff performance management particularly within a Covid-19 setting.

• Reviewing the School Admission Policy to ensure that it continues to serve the village and catchment area.

• Monitoring the school website to ensure that it is informative and Ofsted compliance.

• Receiving committee reports from 1) Personnel and Curriculum and 2) Resources which includes finance and overseeing building and infrastructure projects.

• Noting and adopting such policies as Grievance Procedures, Handing Allegations, and Whistleblowing. Also complying with the Department for Education guidance regarding safeguarding during the pandemic restrictions.

• Working closely with our professional clerk to ensure that meetings are timely and effective.

• Setting and monitoring a balanced budget in a more relaxed setting because of the growing popularity of the school (a full intake of 45 pupils joined the school in the reception year).

• Continuing to receive termly reports from the Headteacher to “deep dive” into the School Development Plan that prioritise Teaching and Learning and Leadership and Management.

• Attending virtual Chairs’ Forum, run by Lancashire, to keep up to date with current initiatives.

• Working closely with the School Adviser by attending virtual meetings.

• Preparing the school for the statutory inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS). There are 7 strands starting with Vision and Leadership.

• Setting and measuring performance objectives for Mr Blackburn.

I am pleased to announce that the Governing Body is back to full strength because of the recent Parent Governor elections. Mrs Gianna Pickup and Mrs Alison Rouncefield-Swales were elected, and I am sure will make a valuable contribution to our governance responsibilities.

I am saddened to say that our Learning Mentor Mrs Holland, who has helped so many families over many years, has had to resign due to ill health.

As part of their commitment to the school the Governors do not claim out of pocket expenses and register with the Lancashire Education Authority in order to benefit from the various training courses, via the Service Level Agreement, at a competitive cost .